Product Benefits

  • highest precision, even at extreme length and width of the grinding GÖCKEL SYSTEM (runner grinder)
  • GÖCKEL SYSTEM allows the mutual work: loading links, right loop, and vice versa. For you this means: No machine downtime for loading, unloading or turning.
  • small footprint, since the table is not moved
  • low maintenance costs
  • Complete machining, grinding machines, for example, the knife – by grinding, honing and handling systems.

Schematic representation of a partitioned table into two magnetic stations

The magnetic table is divided into two wards. The width of each station depends on the type, its length can be selected freely.

The magnetic tables can be switched independently. Thus it is possible to grind at a station, while the second station is loaded. All non-productive time, such as contact, for example, clean and unloaded, fall into the grinding time – the machine can be utilized 100%. A double override protection protects the user.

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    15 - 18 March
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  • Drupa 2020
    16 - 26 June Düsseldorf, Germany
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